At Pipeline Services (UK), we pride ourselves on offering global under pressure solutions in many sectors of the industry. We provide services for the utilities sector including both clean and dirty water. From hot-tapping and line-stopping, to pipe-cuts and bespoke pipework fabrication, we cover a vast scope of works in the utilities sector, allowing us to find cost effective and efficient solutions for any problem.

Along with covering both clean and dirty water systems, we provide services on most metallic pipe materials. These include ductile iron, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel as well as GRE (glass reinforced epoxy) and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) pipelines. Our fabrication and machining facilities, along with turn-key operations, means as a company we can provide support and results for both clean and dirty water applications.

  • Pipeline Services (UK) provide under pressure solutions and operations for both clean and dirty water projects
  • We cover a vast range of sizes from 1″ (25mm) – 48″ (1200mm) and bigger upon application
  • In-house fabrication and machining facilities means we can prove quick and efficient solutions for any problem
  • Our scope of works can be done on most metallic pipe and plastic systems for both clean and dirty water applications