Hot Tapping

We specialise in under pressure drillings

Hot-tapping, or UPT, is the under pressure drilling of a live pipeline. All of our hot-taps are done with uninterrupted service or loss of product to the pipe or vessel. Pipeline Services cater for all product mediums across the pipeline industry including water, gas, oil, petrochemical, offshore and district heating.

We provide hot-tapping services for all pipe materials and sizes, with our equipment ranging from 1/2″ (12.5mm) diameter, up to 60″ (1500mm). We also offer a wide scope of hot-tap variations including angle taps, tank taps and flat plate taps as well as tappings for sample points and probe insertions. Our hot-taps can be done safely on pressures of up to 102 bar (1470 psi) and higher upon application on both hazardous and flammable materials.

Our Hot-Tapping Range

Our knowledge and experience when it comes to under pressure drilling is unsurpassed. At Pipeline Services (UK), not only do we offer taps on a variety of pipeline materials, products and sizes, we also branch on a global scale. We offer under pressure drillings on concrete cylinders and tanks, hazardous and flammable produce, and we also offer full project management from the installation of the fitting right up to the tap its self.

Pipeline Services cater to every job specifically from supply and manufacture of a hot-tap fitting, to installation and the drilling its self. Knowing the job from the pipe upwards gives us that extra edge when it comes to providing the best service available to our customer.

  • Drillings can be done on temperatures up to 400°C (752 °F) as standard, and higher upon application
  • Drillings can be safely performed on hazardous and flammable produce on pressures of up to 102 bar (1470 psi) and higher upon application
  • Every job is catered for specifically no matter the pipe size, product medium, pressure or temperature
  • Along with covering most metallic pipe materials, we can perform hot-taps on asbestos cement pipes and pre stressed concrete
  • We also cover GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and GRE (glass reinforced epoxy) pipelines
  • As well as piping systems, our drillings can be safely performed on concrete cylinders and tanks