Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting is a fast and cost effective method of removing a damaged or redundant section of pipeline in a safe and controlled manner. At Pipeline Services (UK), our leading procedures mean cuts can be performed safely on nearly all types of product mediums including water, gas and oil along with many more.

Our leading methods allow us to work to extreme tolerances whilst providing an accurate and clean cut to the pipeline. Our pipe cuts can be done in any environment on most metallic pipelines such as ductile iron, cast iron as well as stainless and carbon steel.

They can also be used in conjunction with our line-stop equipment after we have successfully shut down the piping system or redirected the flow through a bypass. If used in conjunction, pipe cuts can be done safely and efficiently on decommissioned pipelines without any interruption to service for the customer.

  • Pipeline Services (UK) offer a wide range of pipe cutting sizes from 1/2” (12mm) to 86” (2184mm) subject to application
  • We can work safely and efficiently to extreme tolerances in most environments
  • Our cold-cuts provide accurate and clean cuts to the pipeline allowing for an easier recommissioning process
  • We provide full project management services for remedial works including the shutting down of the system, the pipe cuts and new pipework installation
  • Pipe cutting is the safest way of removing a redundant section of pipeline