Pipe Freezing And Pipe Squeeze Off

Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing is a non intrusive and controlled method of isolating a piping system by injecting liquid nitrogen via freezing jackets until the product reaches a temperature below its freeze point and effectively isolates the system.

An alternative method to a line-stop or squeeze off, pipe freezing has many benefits. Our methods allow for a quick and efficient isolation of a pipeline or system for remedial works to be carried out. Pipe freezing can also be carried out in tight areas where other means of equipment would be hard to install.

Pipeline Services (UK) provide pipe freezes on a variety of different pipe materials including ductile and cast iron, stainless and carbon steel along with many more including PE piping systems. Pipe freezes can also be done on varying pipeline product mediums including clean and dirty water, oil and fuel.

  • Pipe freezes can be done on most metallic pipes including cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless steel along with PE.
  • Aluminium, nickel allow and copper pipes can also be frozen
  • Pipe freezes offer an alternative method of isolating a pipeline where line-stop equipment may not be feasible
  • We provide pipe freezing services for a vast range of product mediums including water, sewage and oil
  • Pipe freezes can also be done on paints, coolants, alcohols and fuel systems
  • PE Squeeze Offs

    A pipe squeeze off is an alternative solution to a line-stop on PE pipes and works by applying various points of compression to the piping system. Flow is reduced significantly allowing remedial works to be carried out on the pipeline which cannot be done whilst the system is under pressure. By carrying out controlled squeeze offs, the piping system will return to its natural state upon release of the equipment leading to no lasting damage of the pipeline.

    At Pipeline Services (UK), we offer squeeze offs as an alternative to line-stops on all PE pipes, with no under pressure drillings required. Our sizes range from 1″ (25mm) – 14″ (355mm) and are a quick and efficient way of completing essential works on PE pipelines.

    • Pipeline Services (UK) provide squeeze off equipment up to 355mm (14″)
    • Squeeze offs provide and effective and efficient alternative to line-stops on PE pipes
    • Commonly used throughout the water sector on PE pipelines and can be used in cohesion with new connections and remedial works