Line Stopping

We Perform Line-Stops In All Sectors

Line-stopping is a means of isolating a live pipeline to provide a shut off in the need of an emergency, temporary works or new pipeline connections. One of the common misconceptions of a line-stop is that the pipeline must be shutdown. When used in conjunction with a temporary bypass, the pipeline can be operated under normal conditions without interruption.

Our line-stop services are a cost effective solution to enable repairs, maintenance, modifications or reconfiguration of existing piping systems to be carried out on a planned or emergency basis.

Our Line-Stopping Range

At Pipeline Services (UK), under pressure drillings and line-stops are the real core of our business. We believe the combined knowledge and experience of all our team enables us to provide cost effective and efficient line-stop solutions to all of our customers.

Along with covering most metallic pipe materials including ductile iron, cast iron and carbon and stainless steel, our line-stops can also be done on asbestos cement pipelines. Our line-stopping equipment ranges from 1″ (25mm) diameter up to 48″ (1200mm) and we cater for all sectors of the industry including water, gas and oil. We also provide the fabrication, supply and installation of line-stop fittings to suit varying pressures, sizes and product mediums. Pipeline Services (UK) provide both temporary and permanent bypass pipework to ensure our line-stops can be done without interruption to service.

  • Line-stops can be done on temperatures up to 300 °C (575 °F) as standard, and higher upon application
  • Line-stops are a cost effective and efficient method of completing remedial works on a piping system. We can provide services on pressures of up to 100 bar (1450 psi) as standard and higher upon application
  • As well as offering line-stops on most metallic pipes, we can also perform safe and efficient line-stops on asbestos piping systems
  • All of our works are catered for job specifically and our line-stop services can be done on most pipeline products including clean and dirty water, gas, oil, steam and aviation fuel
  • Our line-stop equipment ranges from 1″ (25mm) – 48″ (1200mm) diameter