Hot-Tap and Line-Stop Tees

Mechanical And Welded Tees

Pipeline Services (UK) provide both the manufacture and global despatch of both hot-tap and line-stop fittings. Our fittings, fabricated in-house, are available mechanically and welded for both high pressure and low pressure applications. All of our fittings are catered to work seamlessly with hot-tapping and line-stopping equipment on all size ranges.

Mechanical and wedled tees fabricated by us are manufactured to suit specific pipe sizes. We cover a varying range of hot-tapping and line-stop tee sizes from 1″ 925mm) – 48″ (1200mm) and higher upon application. We also provide both mechanical and welded fittings for varying pressures and product mediums including water, gas and oil.

Pipeline Services (UK) are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and keeping fabrication in-house allows us to cater every fitting specifically. We can overcome pipe abnormalities or ovality on both mechanical and welded fittings.

  • Hot-tap and line-stop fittings are available both mechanically and welded, allowing us to cater for most metallic pipe materials
  • We cover a various range of sizes from 1″ (25mm) – 48″ (1200mm) and higher upon application
  • At Pipeline Services (UK), we provide both the manufacture and installation of hot-tap and line-stop fittings
  • Tees can be despatched globally to suit any pressure rating or product medium