Pipework Fabrication And Installation

Bespoke Pipework

At Pipeline Services (UK), we offer extensive coverage of all pipeline remedial works including in-house fabrication and engineering of bespoke pipework. Our scope covers everything from the manufacturing of bespoke fittings and pipework to installation, no matter the pipe size or material.

Our in-house fabrication and machining facilities, combined with our on site services, means we can offer cost effective and efficient solutions across all sectors of the industry no matter the product. Pipeline Services (UK) can offer fabrication to suit any pressure along with the installation of bespoke pipework or fittings. By offering full project management, our bespoke pipework can be used in conjunction with our other services such as line-stopping, hot-tapping or pipe-cutting.

  • Full project management allows for cost effective and efficient solutions for pipeline remedial works
  • Bespoke pipework and fittings are fabricated in-house
  • PLS (UK) provides both fabrication facilities and on-site services
  • Pipework can be made to suit any size, product medium or pressure